Jenna’s Blog: Blood and Celebrities
Jenna’s Blog: Blood and Celebrities

It is the nerd convention of the year and since I clearly love superheroes, science fiction and cartoons, our TV show producers from Dish Nation thought they’d send me. ^_^

This is my second year to attend this convention and it is so impressive even if you’re not a huge fan of comics. I gravitate more towards the morbid elements of the event. I’m a fan of shows like Dexter, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, etc…alot of new shows premiering this fall were there doing interviews like the stars of M. Night Shyamalan’s new show Wayward Pines. Matt Dillon stars in this and since M. Night’s movies have always had that “things aren’t what they seem” premise, and Matt Dillon says his character is a liar. So I asked him if he is a real life liar when people recognize him.

mike-tyson-blogIn between interviews I went outside on a balcony and I look next to me. The only other person out there was none other than Mike Tyson. What is he doing there? I quickly google it and realize that he has a cartoon coming out so of course I wanted to know what it was about.

Now the thing is, these interviews are very controlled by publicists, and I asked his permission to get our crew and film the interview and he said no problem. BUT, when his people caught on to what was going on, they interrupted and were furious. Kicked us out, but I still had to ask if I could get a pic.

So much of Comic-con is visual, Halloween on steroids. Then at night, they have the cool parties for the celebrities and we worked our way into a Fox network party. This is one of those cocktail parties where every time you turn, it’s a huge celebrity, so you just kind of stand around staring. Family guy cast, American Horror story cast, Sons of Anarchy cast…etc. This is the thing. I was starving and it was an Italian restaurant. I couldn’t do the pizza, so my only option was a plate of meatballs. I finally decided, whatever and loaded up a plate of meatballs. I hear a woman’s voice say, ohhh great idea. I look up and it’s Angela Bassett! So Angela Bassett got her plate and we stepped off to the side and ate our meatballs and talked about the upcoming season of American Horror Story:Freak Show. She is stunning and couldn’t have been nicer.

Now for the awkward elevator story. I am super dressed up compared to everyone else. It’s a nerd fest with writers and show creators and fans and they wear jeans and t-shirts and fanny packs…I enter a packed elevator and everyone just gasped because I was so dressy and started complimenting. It made me uncomfortable. I hate crowded elevators and talking to people on them. So, I played it down and for whatever reason I just attributed my dressy attire to the fact that, “I got blood on my jeans!” Oh man did that sound terrible. After the TMI shock set in to the 12 people on the elevator, I realized what I said and how that could be interpreted. So, I just blurted out, “The Walking Dead”. Without any hesitation there was a collective, “ohhhhh yeah!” from the crowd. Of course I was referring to getting made over like a zombie from the popular show and got the fake blood all over my jeans. Only in a Comic-Con filled elevator would that statement make total sense:)