Big decisions coming up in my near future. For the last 2 years I’ve wanted to get Invisalign. I never had braces as a kid and I’ve been pretty lucky with the teeth I’m working with (minus those 2 miserable root canals). Braces are just not an option for me. Sorry Faith Hill, you are beautiful and all but those braces on the red carpet are just not working for you, for me and probably not even your husband Tim. I think it’s cool she has the confidence to rock those, but it’s just not going to happen. Even Invisalign is questionable for me. I am obviously very candid about my physical flaws, like the need for botox in my armpits. Now the time has come that I have hit the magic number in my savings account, that one year ago I had decided I would throw down the money for the Invisalign. It’s honestly just the money that has been holding me back from it. It’s so hard to justify spending that amount of money of something purely vanity related. I just don’t want crooked teeth. I also don’t want the sweating issue to come back. Botox in the armpits is obviously cheaper than the Invisalign, but both are almost unjustifiably expensive. Then again, I wouldn’t regret either one.

I know the orthodontist is already troubled by me since I told him I will not be wearing the trays from 6-11 am everyday, nor will I wear it Friday or Saturday nights out. He says, “but you can’t even tell”. Wrong. Yes, you can. I see everyone’s spit filled clear saran-wrapped looking teeth. I have a hard enough time as it is. bracesI don’t want another hurdle. Will my removable braces work if only worn 15 of the 24 hours each day? 🙂 I think I’m gonna do it. Why couldn’t I have just gotten braces back when they were cool? No braces with my school colors, no cool retainer, no headgear. That’s all I wanted. I begged for braces when I was little. I felt so left out. Now, I am going to be that adult with braces. hmmfh. They said I only need to wear the Invisalign for 5 months, so I figure, I’m not getting any younger. I might as well just go with it. Will everyone still love me as much?