I’m not proud of this blog subject matter. A real glamorous life I lead when my weekend is spent, buying cat food, getting rid of clothes with the realization that I have wasted a disgusting amount of money on things I never wore, then eating candy for dinner….and lunch…not breakfast at least. I’m worried I am turning into a life-size Sour Patch 30-year-old. I had grand plans of getting rid of everything I didn’t need before my 30th birthday, but my Mexico trip came out of nowhere and my clothing pile also went nowhere. Anyways, I spent the weekend bagging up everything I haven’t worn in a year or more plus other stuff. I have no joke 40 pounds of donations. I also ate 40 pounds of candy, so I don’t feel lighter.

stray-catsThese stray cats have become something I’m going to great lengths to hide from my neighbors. My goal has been to lure them in enough with cat food so they feel comfortable with me and I can get them accessible for the rescue group. Last count there was 7, including 2 teeny kitties. I’ve been leaving dry food and that fancy feast can stuff out, hiding it in the bushes so my neighbors don’t see but the cats will still be close. This morning when I checked on my way out of the door, a new cat was there chewing. Looked nothing like the others and definitely lost an eye recently. I’m about to be the domestic neighborhood zoo….What do I do?