Well, not THE Adam Levine, but everyone of us out there knows the type. I have always wavered in my fondness of him. Personality-wise he’s always been kinda ehhh, which has made him less hot than he actually is. Last season, watching the handful of Voice episodes adamthat I did, he was super hot to me for some reason and it took until the season premier last night for me to realize why. Adam is the hot guy that strolls into the bar at 130am and says, “hey you wanna get outta here?” Meanwhile, some other hardworking guy has been putting in serious effort all night long, buying you drinks and giving you attention. But that guy is a 7, then this 10 (who’s kind of a douche) walks in and it’s all over from there. You say “yup” to Adam and are out the door before the 7 can even pay the tab. Adam turns his chair around at the last second, making girls, gays and even the straights yearn for his approval. Then, they pick him. Of course! It’s like girls and dating 101. Give her just enough attention when it’s almost too late, which makes her want you more and you win. I hate it…and it works. Not that I’ve encountered this before. Just like last week and the week before. That’s all.