I warn you, this is not a popular opinion. You’ve been warned ok? I don’t like Christmas. I know…I’m also not a fan of Thanksgiving food. Maybe it’s the whole lack of family during family heavy holidays, but I just decided I have to align myself with some holiday and I love scary things, so Halloween it is. I can go into more details about those other holidays later, but Halloween is near and it’s time to discuss what’s hot, what’s so passé and of course what can never be made sexy. I ALWAYS take the creative make my own approach. I never want to be wearing the same outfit as another girl at a party, so this way, even if we’re both the same, mine isn’t store-bought. That’s my first Halloween tip. But not all of us have time to make costume or the passion. So here is a just-released study done by the National Retail Federation on what the top costumes are for 2014. First of all, Halloween is a 7.4 billion dollar holiday in the US. 2.8 billion spent on costumes alone.

  1. (tie) Frozen and Spider Man
  2. Batman
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

As for adults, traditional ideas are still most popular. Witch, animal, batman, and pirate. Miley Cyrus and Heisenberg are so last year. The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are also the most popular amongst young adults. With the World Cup this summer, many people have leftover jerseys, so that is going to be a popular go-to as well. ice-bucket-costumeALS Ice bucket challenge is expected to be an easy, but popular one too.

Other pop culture ideas from 2014:
Instagram selfie with cardboard cutout
Bent iPhone 6
Ariana Grande…signature ponytail
Grande Starbucks and be mean to people

Shocking make it sexy or so not sexy ideas that exist and some of my own:
Sexy SpongeBob SquarePants

Sexy Scrabble

Sexy Crayon

Sexy Frozen costumes

Sexy Kim Jong Un

Sexy Ebola

Sexy Obama’s birth certificate