Jenna’s Blog: I finally got roofied
Jenna’s Blog: I finally got roofied

This might have been the fastest week of vacation ever. It started off pretty intense for me. I have often joked about friends getting roofied and how that makes me jealous because no one has ever roofied me. Well, now I’m definitely part of the club. And no, this wasn’t one of those, Jenna had too much to drink and she’s blaming it on a roofie. I definitely didn’t have much to drink-maybe a margarita and 3 beers and I spent half a day violently ill. I remember leaving a bar feeling like I was about to throw up and somehow made it into a cab and home. I honestly don’t really remember any of that. I do remember throwing up everywhere before going to my place and waking up my roommate Holly to tell her things were not ok. She sat with me in the bathroom for most of the 4 hours I spent with my head in the toilet. I have never been that sick in my life. Probably one of the lowest points I can remember lately.

But hey, at least I got what I always wanted right?! I wasn’t about to let that roofie keep me down and of course I made myself go out again the following night. I think telling people the roofie story got a different sort of response than what I was anticipating. Apparently, it freaks most people out and they don’t laugh. I was just creeping everyone out that next night. I really don’t like feeling creepy. I usually tend to use these vacations for getting my life organized and getting healthier again. Not this time. I ate and drank everything in sight. I honestly think my clothes are tighter now. I didn’t do a single load of laundry. I did manage to go to the doctor and get a haircut.

Those are really the only productive things I managed to do. It really might have been one of the best weeks off I’ve had. Holly and I have been very social and all about trying new things and new scenes and that definitely paid off. I always thought that a staycation was the letdown of vacations, but I can say 100 percent that hanging out with good company is far preferable to going somewhere exotic alone. Holly and I couldn’t stop laughing about how we always say, we have enough friends, we don’t need anymore. Quality over quantity right? Well just when you think you are happy with how things are, you meet new people and it completely changes the game. New guys friends, new girlfriends and life gets better. Doesn’t life always seem to go that way?

Some of my friends and I decided it would be a great idea to pay tribute to our country and celebrate the 4th of July on the eve and go out in patriotic wear. Which for me of course, was denim on denim and as country looking as possible. We were the only ones in the city who had this idea apparently, but it was a hit! So many foreigners were taking pictures with my 2 guy friends who managed to convince everyone that they were part of the Olympic team. 80’s women’s national team track jackets so not make you an Olympic swimmer, but that group of Asians bought it. I swear we took about 100 photos with people that just loved our American spirit. I don’t really have any American spirit either, but it was pretty awesome.

Holly left me before this past weekend and she is not coming back for 2 weeks. What am I going to do without my other half? Back to this living alone thing. I have found that I tend to go out way more when Holly isn’t around because I get so bored with my own thoughts.