Who wants Maximus?

No really, who wants him. Rat dog farted in my face yesterday and I can’t deal. I thought it took a lot to gross me out, but apparently, that’s all it takes. I scolded him and told him he was lucky to have a home and someone who takes care of him. He didn’t seem to care. Clearly all men take women for granted at some point. I think I’m going to dye his mohawk pink and put lipstick on him then take him out to the patio with friends so he can be treated like a little pansy.

Oh just let me bitch about Maximus, since he is normally the only thing I interact with after work on a daily basis. If I don’t go get food from the store or go to the gym, then I really don’t see anyone. I look forward to the knock of the UPS guy if I order things. Let’s just say he came knocking twice yesterday 😉

I don’t know what came over me these last few months, but I have watched less television now than ever before. Maybe it’s the combination of my favorite shows being off season, or just getting burned out on tv programming in general because of how many clips we watch and news stories we talk about at work. Whatever the reason, I don’t watch tv ever and if I do, I try to make it intellectually stimulating. I suppose I don’t like the feeling of wasting time, which makes DVR the greatest invention in media. I really like watching Brian Williams do the news and I enjoy Anderson Cooper as well.cooper.anderson.bBoth for high quality journalism and one is way more bangable than the other. Anderson of course 😉 I think I might have to take a news hiatus for a while now. It’s so hard because in order for me to do my job every morning, I need to know a little about a lot. That means I scour everything from real news to celebrity news, sports scoop to fashion trends and new music. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on anything really, but I feel like I am very familiar with everything going. Well, take out politics and world news. Intelligent, I know. Anyways, I am going to have to stop watching the news period if bad things continue to happen. I got back into my news-obsessed phase a few weeks ago around the time of the Boston Marathon bombings. They make it feel like there’s always new stories after the commercial break and I spend my whole night watching the same stories and reading depressing news scrollers at the bottom of the screen. Now with the tragedy in West, TX and the tornado in Oklahoma, I just can’t take it. I seriously cried for 3 hours last night watching the first reports from the scene on the National news. The elderly woman discovering her dog in the rubble still alive, a family of teachers describing how they saved students. I take back everything I say about men crying not being ok. Nearly everyone was crying during their interviews. I’m surprised the reporters held it together. I sure didn’t and probably wouldn’t have if I had been interviewing those families. Am I alone in not wanting to watch the news anymore? I hate that I have to make a choice between being uninformed and happier or in the know and very negative. If you know me, you know I am depressed and negative OR as I prefer to look at it, a realist on the path to happiness 😉 I don’t want to cry every night from more sad news. I already cry for no reason anyways.