Shoreditch, Soho, where you wanna go?! Lot’s of tubing around for me yesterday and I finally went to Abbey Road! That is really the only touristy thing I absolutely wanted to do when I came to London. It’s funny how much you build things up in your head like they are going to be larger than life and then you get there and it’s really just a regular place. Abbey Road is special to me because The Beatles are my mom’s favorite band and that’s all she would play when I was growing up so she will definitely be thrilled when I send her the photo. My friend Becca came in to visit for the night and she spends about half of her time in London so she knows her way around the city quite well. It’s relieving to be able to trust someone enough to lead me around the streets and the tube without having to stop and stare at the map constantly. From Abbey Road we headed to the Shoreditch neighborhood which is essentially our Brooklyn back in the states. It’s very cool, very hip (possibly too hip), but has the best vibe of all the places I’ve been in London thus far. Becca and I ate at a place called Pizza East, I drank only cider and whiskey drinks since that is the thing to do, but still felt like I wasn’t fooling anyone. We met a pair of girlfriends from Scotland at the bar and it’s so funny how we are worlds apart in accents and lifestyles, but we all really talk about the same things. I interviewed them about celebrity gossip and they care just as much if not more about Kristen Stewart’s cheating and Russell Brand’s sex addiction. Becca and I went to a couple more bars and then decided to be responsible and call it a night.