Well, the plane didn’t crash and we made it to London! I knocked myself out with my meds and was asleep before takeoff so it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. As we were leaving the airport, I run into one of my best girlfriends that lives in Brooklyn-what a small world right? I figured it’s a great sign that the first person I see thousands of miles away from home, I know. This is going to be a good trip. I have been having such a hard time back home and honestly was concerned about my ability to even get into the mindset of being able to handle London during the Olympics. Something changed the second we got into that cab. I knew I needed to stay awake the rest of the day, so I just headed to do my favorite thing. Shopping of course.
I had a taxi take me to Oxford Street and hit up all the good shops. Then I think I saw just about all of London. I might have walked 8 miles yesterday. I went to Mayfair and saw The Ritz where Princess Diana left that night before she died. I went to art galleries on Bond Street and saw original Warhols and then I started drinking. I met up with some friends of friends and the combination of being sleep deprived and drinking pints in pubs led me to Piccadilly Circus until 1 am. Talk about a Sunday Funday. I was worried about waking up my roommate Kellie Rasberry because I don’t want to start off as a nightmare on the first night of the trip. I literally brushed my teeth in the lobby bathroom and washed my face so I wouldn’t have to wake her up and I crawled into bed as soon as I walked into the room. Not feeling so strong today and I even got to sleep in until 9. Now that is a vacation to me. I don’t think I’m jetlagged, but the hangover is masking it either way. I don’t know where else to go today since I did so much yesterday, but the gym needs to happen first. I have eaten like a true Londonder since I’ve been here and the croissants are not on my side. Well they are on my side in the literal since. My croissant love handles.