I have been sleeping until at least noon everyday for the last week…this is going to be a reality check. Back from vacation and feeling fatter but more rested. I am actually kinda ok with that. I think I’ve learned that I tend to be a little fatter when I’m happy so I suppose this means I am happy? Anytime from now on when some rat fan tries to insult me about gaining weight, I am simply going to tell them it’s because I am happy. I’ll probably go to the gym after that, but still 😉

Vacation from this job is always so nice, not just because of the sleeping 12 hours a night schedule, but because I get to go on a complete social media cleanse. I love instagram, so take that away and I didn’t use any social media from the time we wrapped filming in LA. I didn’t open my laptop one single time, not even to online shop. Talk about a serious feat right?

The only real goal I had over this vacation was to get as tan as possible, in the hopes I could convince people that I was some exotic breed. Mexican, Brazilian, hey even Israeli I’m good with it 😉 Our makeup artist Jenine isn’t quite as excited since Big Al and I are now sharing foundation. I’m black! If I am the same foundation shade as Big Al and I can rap better than him, does that make me blacker? Don’t answer, let me have my Beyonce moment.