Yesterday just wasn’t a good day for me. When 3 separate friends send me photos of someone who used to not like me seemingly dating someone new, it kinda puts you in a bad mood. So I went to the gym, worked out til the point of throwing up and then to Bed Bath and Beyond I headed. Yes, I decided that since all I do is work, work out and lay in my bed trying to sleep, I need a hotel-style bed. So, I went and bought new pillows- lots of them, blackout curtains and some eye cream so I don’t look 100. I love that place and how they sell all things that help make life more comfortable. I even got a co worker a Christmas present and my dog a water fountain, which he hates. Typical high maintenance rat dog. Perhaps it was my new comfortable bedding that led to me waking up an hour late today. Maybe it was the fact that sleeping is sometimes preferable to the reality of being awake. It is rather surprising when you wake up with your phone vibrating in your butt.

I often sleep with my phone in my bed, but how in the word does it end up in my butt, suffocated by the weight of my bad mood? I also think I’m losing my mind because I ordered the most ridiculous bathing suit for my vacation. What do u think? Pretty dope right? No more eating for this one.