Let’s just put it this way. Hippie Blanket is hotter than just about anyone I’ve seen and a bigger beatdown to talk to than anyone I have ever met. I always thought the hotter someone is, the more you tolerate? That’s what guys say about girls right? Well, last night I was doing some Christmas wrapping with some girlfriends and was reminded of something funny from this past weekend. I was at a bar I tend to frequent with my friends and there was new meat there. That is probably not the best way to phrase it. You know how it seems like no one new ever comes along in the circles you run around in? That is basically how life becomes until you start changing up your routine I suppose. But last weekend was different. There was this guy in the bar that all of the girls were checking out. Not solely because he was attractive, but because he looked really cool on top of it. When a guy dresses like he’s from a different city, it’s interesting and you can see the girls intrigued by him. Hippie Blanket was no different. Let me explain the name first. Attractive guy, cool hair, cool clothes…minus the stoner woven capelet he was wearing. The things we overlook as girls when a guy is attractive. He could be the biggest douchebag, wearing too tight of jeans and have a wedgie and if he’s hot, I’m still into it. Now, conversation is pretty important to me. It’s actually the most important quality in a relationship-to me at least. When I saw one of my best guy friends talking to Hippie Blanket, I saw it as my chance to move in. My girlfriend and I were introduced to him and no surprise, he took to her first. So, I figured I’d just let it go and give her the victory on that one. Not even 3 minutes pass before she has given me the subtle “kill me” look that most of my friends and I have mastered. This is my cue to save her. But first I have to laugh a little, because we had spent an hour talking about how hot Hippie Blanket is. She must have come up with a way out on her own, because HB turns to me and says, “So…I hear you are an act-OR in LA? Because I, also, am, an act-OR.” No way she told him that lie and NO WAY he pronounces it act-OR! It took one sentence for me to be completely 100 percent turned off. Is this how Ryan Gosling is in real life? Hot? Seems super chill and easy going, but takes himself so seriously and refers to himself as an act-OR? Ew. I tried to go with the premise she gave him of me being an actor in LA, but he was too interested. Once I gave up on the lie and said I actually failed and had to move home and pick up some shifts at the club bartending, he became completely disinterested. I love this. It really emphasizes how the grass always SEEMS greener. Or how you build people up from afar to be something they are not at all. In fact, it seems most people-usually guys- are considerably more disappointing after 5 minutes of conversation. I suppose the same thing could be said about girls, but I’m not friends with girls that statement would apply to because I couldn’t handle that on a friendship level. Lesson learned. The hot guy needs to be admired from afar so as to not ruin the illusion of greatness. This is why I never want to meet Ryan Gosling and also why I will avoid hot guys in hippie blankets from now on.