JSi’s Blog: Did we just buy a house?!
JSi’s Blog: Did we just buy a house?!

Today was just one of those random days. It started with meeting two dudes from one of my favorite bands. I was at the studio, just minding my business and was asked to interview Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park! In college, one would consider me to be a super fan of these guys… My buddies and I even had our own Linkin Park sing alongs… and we named ourselves Jogryle… and we actually would let girls watch us do this. Embarrassing? Looking back at it, yes, yes it is. But, who wants to do homework and write papers when you can pretend to be in a band with your friends? I should have done the homework.

Have you ever pretended to be a celebrity? I have. In fact, it has worked for me twice time:

In New York 2003ish: my group was allowed entrance to a popular club, given a table, and some shots… because they thought Ryan Cabrera was at the club. It was back in the day, right when his first single dropped… I sported the spiked hair, similar style, and my drunk friend blurted it out. It worked, we went with it. We had fun.

And now we come full circle to my days of singing Linkin Park with my friends in our dorm.

In College: A huge group of us went to the Linkin Park concert. After the show, a bunch of people started saying that the guys were gonna go party around the school. My hair was dyed black… the one and only time I will ever do that… ok, I tried it again a few years later because Kinsey convinced me to try it again, but that it. Never again! Black hair does not fit me well. The embarrassment of my horrible hair was bad. That is when my huge hat obsession started. Somehow, and drunk group of girls at the party we attended asked my buddy (different one from the NY trip) if “that was the rapper from Linkin Park.” What do you think he said? He’s a dude, of course he said yes. I ended up kissing a girl at that party because she thought Mike Shinoda was hollering at her. Never got the name, and this was pre-Kinsey, so there is some random girl somewhere in California, who thinks she kissed Mike Shinoda, but she didn’t, it was an 19 year old J-Si with a horrible dye job and a hat. Ha! Joke’s on her. My buddies and I developed even more of an appreciation for Linkin Park because of this, and thats why Jogryle was created. Jo- Jose (me). Gr- Greg (guy who said yes). Yle- Kyle (guy who was there and ended up kissing a girl in that group to). This is corny, and that’s how you know that this is not made up. We learn through our mistakes.

I got to tell Mike Shinoda that story today. Mostly because I wanted to make sure he wasn’t married when that happened, because that would make him look like. Also, I was trying to trap him into complementing my looks… since I said we looked alike. He did not. My feelings were not very hurt, maybe its because he doesn’t know me like that yet. I have to earn bromances with celebrities. So far, I have none. My friends were called so that they could be informed about the Linkin Park encounter. They did not answer… and pretty sure that Greg may have changed his number, unless he turned into a woman. Good times.

Now, for the second part of this crazy day. Apparently, the house we are going after is being pursued by two other couples. So we received their counter offer today, they lowered the price, and agreed to some other terms. Ball was in our court again. To walk away, or to go for it? Big Question. One thing led to another, some things were signed, some checks were written, appointments with inspectors were made, and the house ended up under contract. Kinsey and I got off the phone, looked at each other, Kinsey smiled at me, and I said, “holy $#!&! Did we just buy a house?!” Kinsey replied with, “I think so.” Let’s see how the rest of this fun journey turns out. Ahhhhhhhh!