I finally got my fish and chips! Check that off my English To Do list! Now all that’s left To Do is get some Indian food and see a bunch of British stuff. The part of town where we’re staying doesn’t really FEEL British. I think I need to see a palace and a guard and a fully done up bobby today so this can feel real to me. Otherwise, it just feels like I’m in a city with a lot of people who talk funny.

Yesterday I felt like I was living in a bit of a time warp. We did the radio show like we always do, except for the fact that it started at noon instead of 6am. Heaven, right? But I don’t know if it was a Pavlovian response or what, because I felt just as sleepy and draggy doing the show at noon as I always do at 6am. And then when we got off the air, I went back to my hotel room to drop off my stuff and check some emails, looked down and realized it was already 5pm!! My day was almost gone and — at that point — I hadn’t even had my fish and chips!!

So a mess of us went for fish and chips and then fewer of us decided to follow Big Al and J-Si to the Olympic house for the US athletes. They were the only two who had passes to get in, so the rest of us hung out at a hotel bar until they were done. And that’s when it happened — I finally got hit on in England!! Physically, he wasn’t really my type….he was a little older…a little shorter…way bald…and wearing black-rimmed glasses that were rather cool, actually. But he had personality plus! And he thought I was GORGEOUS. Great combination, right? And after he repeatedly extols my fabulousness and thanks me for bringing it to England, I’m starting to think I could hang out with this charming little bugger for a drink or two. And that’s when he tells me, “The only problem is, I’m married. But what the hell! Let’s do this!” Seriously????? I told him I have too much respect for his wife to do that and he literally vanished like a vapor into the night.

But at least I got hit on! And I got my fish and chips. And I’m looking forward to seeing something really British today. I mean, REALLY British.