I had my follow up with Iyanla yesterday… it was a conference call with my parents and my sister. Yup, we kept it pretty professional. I felt like a business man who was thinking outside the box and creating a win/win situation. This all just went down on Thursday, and I thought we both had the same view on the outcome of the show, but I may have been a bit wrong about that. I don’t want to give the end away, but I will say that I do understand. These things don’t fix themselves after one day. It will take time… I guess I was just hoping/wishing that it would be that simple. If you tell something is ok over and over again, you will eventually begin to believe it, right? That’s not the way to fix things. With that said, this situation could be way worse, at least we got help and have spoken to each other. That is the first step. I just have to learn to keep it real with myself and not set my emotions off to the side.

Speaking of keeping it real, I don’t tend to be much of a complainer when it comes to service, but that changed yesterday. I have only called a complaint line one time before yesterday. I called the KFC phone lines because I visited them for the first time in a few years, was really excited to eat some delicious chicken, only to realize I had been given the wrong order, and did not receive Kinsey’s portion. I called, complained, gave my address… got nothing. I thought I would at least get a coupon for some free drummies. haha. Yesterday I called and complained to my security service. I had made an appointment for them to check something out yesterday with my system since we are full on back in the house, all the way across the sky. They told me they would be there between 10am-5pm. They gave themselves a nice cushion didn’t they? So Kinsey stayed back with Cason, and I rushed home around noon and took them afternoon, waiting for the guy in a van shift. They never showed up. This irked me a lil bit. I may be on my manly menstural cycle (I heard guys PMS too), because I called them up at 6pm. I was not greeted with the best costumer service. I was basically told that I would have to wait until next week and be at the house from 10-5 again. Really? Just like that, I have to make them my priority for an entire day again? Thats when I said no! And the lady said there is nothing they can do. So I said, “well there’s something else you can do, connect me to the cancelation department.” Suddenly, the 45 minute wait to talk to a manager became a 2 minute wait. I was greeted by a pleasant man who offered me 3 free months and apologized. Bam! I won, finally! I felt like I had won the Superbowl, only to be brought back down to earth by Kinsey telling me to clean up the mess I had caused by playing with Cason’s toys all day. Don’t worry, Cason played with them too.