Just wrapped up the last night here at Disney World with Kidd’s Kids. I have been jerked around physically and emotionally…..I’m just a mushy mess! But what a great group of families this year. Truly one of our best trips ever. And once again, the families all thank us for the great blessing of this trip, but truly WE are the ones who end up so very blessed by them.

It’s been so fun to watch families click together like matching puzzle pieces. I can just tell that friendships were made that are going to last way beyond this trip. And I’m so blown away by the stories of some of these families on this trip. We’ve got a couple of grandmothers raising grandbabies. We’ve got a DREAM of a man who stepped in and became — pardon me for stealing from Britney Spears — an AMAZING stepdad to a young girl with tremendous disabilities. We’ve got another dad who raised his daughter for many years by himself and who also had to deal with a number of personal tragedies. But he has the most positive outlook on life! I am ASHAMED of myself when I hear him speak. And to see the light that shines out of his daughter who is stuck in a wheelchair is just overwhelming.

I’ve been blessed over and over again on the trip this year. And I tell myself I’m going to go home and live with a spirit of gratitude…to live my life knowing how truly blessed I am and to remember those who deal with unimaginable obstacles on a daily basis and who do it with such grace.

But then I’ll oversleep for work or I’ll forget to pay some bill or the washing machine will break down or somebody will look at me crossways and I’ll start to think that life pretty much stinks and “woe is me.” But I have very good intentions and I hope I don’t let that happen too soon. I want to keep the spirit of these families in me for many months to come.

And now I have to go to bed because I keep nodding off while I type. I’m a mushy SLEEPY mess!!!