The Kellie Rasberry Birthday Party has come and gone. Ok, I am a little biased but I’m going to go ahead and say it. This was the Best Birthday Party EVER! Lets start with Friday night. We’ve talked about it for weeks. Coolio came in an extra day early to do a meet and greet and a book signing. Coolio couldn’t have been Cooler. After he had a Tequila shot or two, he sat and signed copies of his book for three straight hours from 11pm-closing. He took a picture with anyone that asked and he smiled big on every single one of them. What a great dude. We sat and we drank and he was very talkative and attentive. He asked me if I used to be a professional athlete. So, naturally, I had to tell him how I got in to the radio business, the American bar business, the Mexican bar business and the limo business. 2 hours later…ha, just kidding.

The trip part came Friday night but I didn’t hear about it until Saturday morning. So, I know this is hard to believe but Coolio and his crew made some female friends. And after, they went back to the Hotel to have more drinks and food. You know, the after party. I’m treading lightly here but I’m telling this story as it was told to me. Anyway, 2 or 3 of the girls made their way up to the Main Suite. Coolio had been traveling all day and he was sleepy so he dozed off while there were 2 girls still sitting around. The other guy had stepped out for a minute. Coolio woke up an hour or so later and noticed everyone was gone. AND so was his money! The chicks had robbed him. He double-checked his pockets, his bags, his shoes, everything… his money was gone.

He called his boy and asked if the girls were with him. Nope! But he did have the phone number of one of the girls. He sent a text saying that basically if they didn’t bring Coolio’s stuff back that they would call the police. They had their pics on the hotel surveillance cameras and license plate numbers and the police would be called. The girl immediately told on her friend saying Cindy did it! and guess what…the girls brought his stuff back. they said, “aww, it was a joke…we didn’t mean anything…we were gonna bring the stuff back.” yeah, right…but the good news is, they brought it back.

Ok, so this is kellie birthday blog #1…stay tuned for part 2.