Kellie’s Blog: Am I in love?
Kellie’s Blog: Am I in love?

What is that I hear? Is that Mr. Bluebird singing on my shoulder? Or is there an angel serenading me from Heaven above? Has the sunrise been sprinkled in dew and then covered in chocolate and a miracle or two? Could this be true? Am I in love?????

Sorta. The new nanny starts today!!

I feel all tingly in my face — that’s love, right? Before Mary moved in yesterday, Emma Kelly was playing that loyalty card. “I miss Laura.” I tried not to indulge her poutiness too much and just prayed that the excitement of Mary would overcome any awkward moments. And when Emma Kelly and Mary came together, it was just perfect.

Before she arrived, EK drew Mary a picture to welcome her to her new home. Might I say that it was a lovely replica of EK and her new nanny. We also picked out a special plant that EK and Mary can nurture and grow together. And then, when the gifts had been given, Mommy got pushed to the side and it was all about Mary. Mary! MARY!!!! And I haven’t been this happy in MONTHS.

Emma Kelly wanted Mary to read to her. To play with her. To get her ready for bed. I was like a fly on the wall. And I love being a fly! And I love hanging out on the wall! I’m sure this newness will wear off and either EK will come back to me or I’ll develop an intense jealousy over her, but for right now — I’m in love!!!