Big changes going on at Rasberry Manor! Emma Kelly has a new nanny…………And it’s her big sister, Kamryn! Yes, big sister is now the big boss when Mama is out of the house. And I’m going from stepmom to boss. Would that make me Stepboss?

Kamryn will be living with us during the week, so my house is now her home. I enter this with a bit of trepidation, only because she’s a teenager and I haven’t lived with a teenager since I was a teenager, and I have fuzzy memories of hormonal rage, complete disregard for authority, and a very, VERY messy bedroom.

The changes so far are subtle. For instance, I need to buy more dark towels. That would be to soak up the purple hair dye that will slowly seep from her head and onto her pillow cases. I also need to buy more pickles. I do believe this kid could subsist on a steady diet of dills…And the only question she had for me as she was unpacking her suitcase? “Do you have Showtime???” Apparently “Dexter” is must-see-TV. She even takes part in “Dexter” watching parties and discussion groups.

So my stepdaughter is now my daughter’s purple-haired, pickle-eating, serial killer-loving nanny. This should be interesting………