So I drop by my friend’s office on Tuesday and think I recognize that extremely handsome man sitting across the room. I’m reminded that he’s my friend’s personal trainer. I apologize for being a bit slow, and he tells me I look tired and sad. Nice to see you, too! But he is right. I’m always tired. And I’m a bit sad. He says I need more sleep. I say I don’t see how that’s possible. He says I need to work out. I remind him I’m tired. He says working out would make me feel better. I tell him losing 15 pounds would probably put a smile on my face. He looks me up and down and says, Nah. But I could stand to lose a good 10. Oh, and I could firm up a bit. I want to hug him!! I mean, he is obviously not afraid of hurting my feelings and he’s already put me five pounds closer to a goal weight…trainerSo I ask if he’s willing to take on another client. He says yeah, but not me. Why? He says I’m a whiner and he’d fire me after 2 sessions. I want to be mad and I have to admit, that hurts just a little bit. But he’s right. I’m a whiny worker outer…So who would he put me with? Not a girl, he says. We’d talk too much. He thinks he has the perfect guy for me, but first, I must go through an evaluation with him. He asks when I would like to start. I say, “Why wait till Monday?!” And he says, “Great! See you tomorrow at 1! And don’t forget to eat some protein and vegetables. Pssht…How hard could THIS be?

Well, it probably wouldn’t have been as hard if I hadn’t chosen a grilled chicken salad topped with jalapenos and salsa for lunch. That stuff has a way of revisiting you during a workout and giving you heartburn that turns into an overwhelming urge to throw up. But not wanting to show this man how right he was about my whining, I tried to plow through. I was not successful. Before it was over, I was slumped in a chair being force fed almonds and cold water, trying to bring some color back to my cheeks. But I still handed over my credit card and signed up for the next 8 weeks. I WILL be celebrating my birthday in April at least 10 pounds lighter and a whole lot firmer!! But not with this guy training me. He was more than happy to hand me off to Tony.

Compliments given:  I’m pretty flexible and have decent balance. I have good posture and technique.

Negatives noted:  I have a weak back and I almost passed out.

Tony and I start to change that on Friday.