Kellie’s Blog: Don’t. Judge. Me.
Kellie’s Blog: Don’t. Judge. Me.

So I deleted Candy Crush from my iPhone. But how can I deprive my daughter of her iPad app? It’d be like putting her on a diet because I’M fat. That’s not fair, is it?

And I resisted even picking up her iPad for a day or two…maybe three. But then Emma Kelly asked me to help her get past a level. What could THAT hurt…And then when I got her past that, it was super easy to get her past the next…and the next…I mean, I was stuck on Level 70 before I bailed. She was way back in the 30-somethings. Piece of cake levels!

candyphoneBut then it happened. Her iPad suddenly leapt from Emma Kelly’s Candy Crush course to MINE! I don’t know how it happened, but it did! And there Level 70 was staring at me in the face…daring me to try again. And there’s something you should know about me…I cave under pressure that I put upon myself. I’m really good at keeping promises I make to other people, but not so much at keeping promises I make to myself. The only person I have to disappoint is myself. Pssht. I’ll get over it.

So I tried Level 70 again. I failed. So I tried again. And failed. Still had three lives left. I told myself I would just lose all five lives, set the iPad down and walk away. But after the third try, success!! I can’t describe to you how quickly I went from utter despair to feeling like I’d accomplished something monumental! How could I just walk away from a high like this?? So I didn’t! I played and conquered 71, 72 AND 73! Now Level 74 is a complete b*tch…..And it’s all I can do not to keep buying five new lives instead of just walking away and letting the lives regenerate every so slowly. One life every freaking 30 minutes?? SERIOUSLY???

But so far, so good. Just don’t judge me. My addiction is just too powerful to overcome right now.