I cannot explain to you the depths of pain I felt during my emergency
massage today. YES. You can have an emergency massage! It hurt so
bad it almost made me wish I had experienced natural childbirth and could
recall the Lamaze breathing techniques to get me through to the other side.
Oh well. Scheduled c-sections don’t come with special training so I was left
to pant like a dog when I wasn’t wiping away the tears.

I truly cannot understand why I am in this much pain. Trust me! It’s not like
I did the entire Jillian Michael workout DVD at full throttle. I mean, I didn’t
exactly throw myself into either the warmup or the 10 minutes of actual
working out that I managed to stumble my way through. I just have to accept the fact that spending the past two years not lifting a weight heavier
than a pasta-laden fork has finally caught up to me. And this is the price
I have to pay. I have to either work my way through it or give up and try
again two years from now and go through this nightmare again.

I hate making decisions.

I think the biggest decision I’ll make on Thursday is what color nail polish to
put on my toenails.
nail polishAnd if you’ve ever seen me standing at the nail polish carousel at the nail salon, you know that’s not a decision I take lightly ormake quickly. Wish me well.