Kellie’s Blog: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Kellie’s Blog: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Oh, you New Year’s resolutions…..How I dread thee. Every year I toy with the idea of not bothering, but then I get caught up in the excitement of the possibilities. What if I CAN keep a resolution? And what if it’s really, really GOOD one? And what if I can keep more than one?? What if I could become the most highly evolved human being EVER?! Plus, 13 in my lucky number. This is SO going to be my year!

So as my pot of black-eyed peas comes to a boil on the stove, I guess I’ll make a few quick free-flowing, off the top of my head resolutions and just see how it goes.

#1) I think the first one will be to stick to Two Drink Kellie. I ended 2012 hard and paid for it dearly on this first day of 2013. But I just want to say thank you to Jack in the Box for offering Jumbo Jacks whenever I want one, like for breakfast this morning. I really needed that this morning…..

#2) I’m going to read The Four Agreements again. I say I’m going to re-read it every new year but I’ve failed to do that the past 10 or so times I’ve said I was going to do that. Maybe this is the year!

#3) I’m going to stop being 15 minutes late for everything. I can hear all my friends’ eyes rolling around in their heads as they collectively sensed I was putting a blatant lie out into the universe.

#4) I’m going to house-break this new puppy COMPLETELY. Every time I think she’s finally got it, I find a little yellow circle on the bath mat. Why does she love my bath mat so much?

#5) I’m going to teach Emma Kelly how to ride her bike.

#6) I’m going to take six years worth of Emma Kelly’s pictures out of shoe boxes and into photo albums.

#7) I’m going to learn how to use that crock pot I got for a wedding gift back in 2003.  Yes, I think that after 10 years, it’s time to open the box.

#8) I’m going to unsubscribe to every website whether I signed up for it or not. How did I get on so many of those email lists anyway?

#9) I’m going to really work on that procrastination stuff. Really. I am.

And there’s some other stuff I’m going to do but I’ll have to write those in my personal journal. If I put them down here for everyone to see, you will all think way less of me. Yes, I’m a very bad person, but I don’t want anybody to know that. I’ll just resolve to work on that privately.

So happy new year! Happy resolutions! Good luck to all of us to making some positive changes in 2013!