It’s really hard to write a blog when you’re moving. Who wants to read about somebody else’s first world problems? I certainly don’t want to be the one writing about them. Yet here I am, because I’ve been told I have to blog. And since I have absolutely nothing else but moving occupying my brain space right now, I apologize for the beating that’s about to come. I just want to bury my head under a pillow and hide from my life until this is all over. But since I can’t do that, I just keep doing stuff. I pack boxes. I assess my junk. Then I wrap that junk in whatever’s left of the bubble wrap that hasn’t been popped by my kid. And then I put it in another box. And the whole time I’m wondering if people who’ve managed to strip their lives down to the barest of necessities so they can move into one of those ingenious 500 square foot tiny houses with only a single frying pan and two changes of clothes are the ones who finally got it right.

kellie-and-emma-kellyNo need to go through the entire list, but pretty much nothing with the move has gone right. And it all boils down to the fact that I am temporarily broke. For the past month, I’ve been borrowing money from my daddy to cover the expenses of getting the new house ready to move in and to pay my bills until I finally get that big check on closing day. All I had to do was get to July 29th! On July 29th, I’d finally have my check and I’d be able to pay back my daddy and pay down my credit card bill and make that first payment on my new house and FINALLY have a little room to breathe again. It was all about getting to July 29th. Until last night. That’s when I found out that the people who are buying my old house need to push back closing until August 19th. So now I won’t be getting that big fat check on July 29th, IF I GET IT AT ALL!! And today I have to borrow more money from my daddy because some checks are getting ready to hit and I don’t know if I can make it to pay day. But here’s the thing:  I’m one of the most responsible people I know!!! How did I get myself into this situation???? THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING!!! I should’ve never decided to move. I should’ve stayed where I was. None of this would be happening if I hadn’t had this GRAND idea of moving to the suburbs to make a better life for my child. So from this day forward, if anybody EVER hears me mention about moving again into anything other than a 500 square foot tiny house, you have my permission to punch me full on in the mouth.