Kellie’s Blog: I’m ready to see my baby child…
Kellie’s Blog: I’m ready to see my baby child…

I’m sitting in my London hotel room, checking emails with the TV on in the background. So why am I watching Spongebob Squarepants in German again? I don’t know……..British television is a lot of news. A lot. It makes me feel a bit shameful because I should want to watch it, but I don’t. World affairs are so danged depressing. Seriously. And there seem to be a lot of talk shows featuring TV or music celebrities that I’ve never seen or heard of before, so I skip those. There’s also a bunch of Olympics stuff, for obvious reasons. But in between the competitions, they’re only interviewing the British athletes who finished fifth or below, so I’m skipping over those, too. So I guess I’m stuck with Spongebob in German. And I sorta kinda get it. Weird.

I am a bit homesick. Throughout my many years of vacationing for work or pleasure purposes, I’ve found that my limit for being away from home is about 3 days. I’ve found that I can pretty much see everything foreign I care or need to see, eat everything I was curious to try, and buy a cheap souvenir to satisfies my need to prove I was actually someplace far away in 3 days time. And today makes the fourth day away, so I am more than ready to go home. But I’ve got 3 more nights to go. I guess everybody’s just going to have to accept the fact that as sexy as it sounds, I’m just not a wanderlust-filled world traveler. I like home. A lot. And my most favorite place in the whole world is my own bed, with the air conditioning turned down to nippy and the covers pulled up to my chin. I can’t wait to get there.

But in the meantime, I’ve got more London to do! I haven’t seen quite enough of it, honestly. Work keeps getting in the way of that. And the only thing I’ve bought so far is an umbrella. But to make sure it would count as a souvenir, I bought one with a Union Jack on it. Of course, the moment I bought it, it stopped raining and hasn’t dripped a drop since. Oh well! At least I’ll have a nice dry souvenir to pack for the trip home. I’m off to try to Facetime with my daughter now. I think she’s finally getting the hang of it. The first couple of times, I’ve gotten plenty of lovely views of the ceiling and silence on her end of the conversation. Oh, but she does manage to tell me how much she misses me and wants me to come home about a dozen times or so. That doesn’t help with the homesickness at all…….