I should volunteer at my daughter’s school more often! I was really questioning my decision to volunteer running the cash register for the school book fair the day after we get back from Kidd’s Kids…And I have to admit that I was really running on fumes when I walked in for the start of my 2-hour shift. But within 30 seconds of seeing Volunteer Mom #2, she asked if I was seeing someone and then got busy selling me on the “yummy” man who just moved here and hasn’t had a chance to form a negative opinion about me because he hasn’t had a chance to listen to me on the radio yet!  And then comes Early Pickup Mom, who immediately offers up a divorced heart surgeon whose ex-wife lives two states away! But when Volunteer Mom #2 flashed a picture of Mr. Yummy, she told me to go down that path first. And THEN Part-Time Office Worker Mom in Need of a Full-tim Job in Marketing walks up and she has yet ANOTHER doctor up for grabs. He MIGHT be my same height and he lives about an hour away from me. I crinkled my nose at both and said he might be a bit geographically undesirable, to which she responded, “And who did you go out with last Friday night again?” Point taken.

But who knew volunteering could be so beneficial! I can’t wait to sign up for some board or committee or time-consuming activity that’s filled with more match-making moms! Just had the best idea EVER!!!!! www.MatchMakingMoms.com!!!!!

Crap…just checked. It’s taken.

And my phone just rang — About 3 months ago, I sat next to a woman at a luncheon who thought she knew the perfect man for me. Never heard another word about it…….until just now! She finally ran into him and he’s available and now I just have to ask — What the heck is going on??? Four different women have four different guys for me in one 24 hour period?? Granted, none of them may ever pan out to an actual date, but the possibility of having someone to take to the office Christmas party?? This is HUGE!