Kellie’s Blog: My name is Kellie. And I’m addicted to carbs.
Kellie’s Blog: My name is Kellie. And I’m addicted to carbs.

My friend gave up carbs and sugar and lost 60 pounds. I just spent a few hours with my mama, who said the doctor told her she’s borderline diabetic and that she needs to give up carbs and sugar. My own doctor told me that if I ever want to lose that last 10 pounds (or 15 now after an over-indulgent spring break!), that I need to give up carbs and sugar. He said he wasn’t telling me I could never have a bite of birthday cake again, but I just couldn’t be eating carbs on a regular basis.

Have you met me?? I’m Kellie Rasberry. And I’m addicted to Lay’s potato chips.

limon-potato-chipsBut with all of this information filling up my brain, I thought HEY! Why don’t I finally give this no carbs and no sugar thing a try! And then I went straight to the grocery store and bought a bag of Lay’s potato chips — I got Limon to change things up a bit — and proceeded to eat the entire thing. I opened it up as soon as I got back in my car and started shoving them in my face. I was like an alcoholic on her last night before entering rehab! I was so motivated, I could’ve challenged Kobayashi in a potato chip eating contest.  At every stoplight, I could feel the eyes of other drivers drifting over towards me, questioning whether I was involved in some sort of “eating and driving” iron man competition. And if I was, I’d be WINNING! My steering wheel was coated in the most delightfully tangy sheen of grease. But NOTHING was standing between me and the bottom of that bag!!

Was it worth being swimmy-headed from the carb overload and having my lips swollen up and turned inside out from all the salt and sour? YES!!! Will that be my last carb binge? I don’t know……I’d like to think so. But willpower has never been my strong suit. And I don’t think there’s a 12-step program for potato chips. But still, I’ll try.

You wanna try with me?