Kellie’s Blog: Owning LA like a BOSS.
Kellie’s Blog: Owning LA like a BOSS.

My job is pretty freaking awesome sometimes. I flew out to LA over the weekend to interview Leeza Gibbons about “Celebrity Apprentice” and to stalk celebrities. That’s just what you do in LA, right? Stalk as I might, I wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped. The night before the interview, my friend and I went to dinner at celebrity-friendly BOA Steakhouse, and I THINK I saw Ryan Gosling. I’m not sure it was him and it’s not like I was going to go up and ask, but my friend and I were pretty sure that it could very possibly be! So I zoomed in my iPhone as tightly as I could and took a fuzzy picture from way across the room. Let’s just say that if it WAS Ryan Gosling, he’s a lot scrawnier in person. And he’s got a man bun. Maybe it wasn’t him after all….

kellie-blog-pic-020215But the next day after my interview with the fabulous Leeza, my friend and I were trying to decide where to go to a late lunch. As we were driving down the street, we noticed some paparazzi snapping pictures of a woman with cartoonish-red hair walking alongside another woman with hair in the lavender and grey family. Sharon and Kelly Osbourne!! And they were headed into Lisa Vanderpump’s PUMP! And why would we not go have lunch where celebrities were lunching?? So we pulled over into a parking lot and started walking up the sidewalk toward the restaurant. I don’t know if it’s because I was dressed up from my interview with Leeza and my friend is always dressed like he’s heading somewhere important and bears a passing resemblance to Michael Kors, but suddenly the paparazzi started filming us JUST IN CASE they decided we were famous. Suddenly, I was being peppered with questions.

Them:  “Are you excited for Terry?”

Me:  “SO excited.”

Them:  “Terry’s great isn’t she?”

Me:  “SO great.”

Them:  “Have fun at the party!”

Me:  “I will!”

And then my friend and I get to the door at PUMP and it says, “Closed for a private party.”

So what did we do?? We kept on walking!! We couldn’t turn around and let the photographers know they’d just wasted their questions and film on a couple of nobodies!! So we just kept on going, rounding the first corner we could, and ended up slinking down a back alley like the fraudulent celebrities we were! (Come to find out, we almost crashed Terry Seymour’s baby shower. Oh well!)

Other than that, we had a drama-free weekend. Of course I did some shopping because that’s just what you do. We hit up some of my LA faves — Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack and Target, which is where I was recognized by our cashier. That sorta took the sting out of that paparazzi incident from earlier in the day. Shout out, Genevieve!

But what can you say about LA? Every day is sunny and 72. And for some reason, I’m always overcome with the urge to pack up my everything to move out there and give it a shot! But then I realize that I’m not 22. And every barista has a stack of head shots under the counter and every waiter has a go-to monologue they can serve with dessert. So to avoid the disappointment, I’ll just plan to go another weekend, get dressed up and try to fool the paparazzi into thinking I might be somebody famous, head to Target to visit my new friend Genevieve, and then put my butt on a plane and head back home to my reality, which is pretty darned cool anyway. Shout out to my number one fan — my daughter, Emma Kelly!