Prayers have been answered! So sweet to hear from people letting me know that they AND their little doggies were praying for my George.

So, the doctor jumped the gun with the doom and gloom. George isn’t dying! It’s not lymphoma! It is, however, some sort of tooth issue, which may cost him a tooth or two. But that’s okay! Knowing my Georgie Porgie, the vet could pull every danged tooth in his head and he’ll still be the chubbiest yorkie poo-poo on the block. I’m not thrilled with the idea of George being put to sleep for the cleaning and probably an extraction or two, but at least we’re not considering more serious issues.

george-with-emma-kellys-bowI’ll tell you what, though…Going through a little scare like that really shows you how much those little balls of fur mean to you! George has been a part of my life for 8 and a half years. He was my baby before I had a baby! But I have to confess that sometimes I take for granted that he’s there. But dogs aren’t like people. As long as you keep them fed and come home at some point every day, they love you up one side and down the other. There’s nothing like that unconditional doggie love! Human relationships need way more upkeep. Yeah…humans can be super annoying like that.

So no matter what obstacles and frustrations lie ahead of me, I’ll have my Georgie beside me for — hopefully! — many years to come. When my daughter is stomping her feet and telling me once again how I’m the worst mommy ever and she wants to be adopted, I’ll just snuggle up on my George until the storm passes. I just hope that dog makes it through Emma Kelly’s teenage years. I don’t think I can survive those without my dog.