Kellie’s Blog: Would I look good in a white hat?
Kellie’s Blog: Would I look good in a white hat?

I asked listeners what show I should binge-watch over Christmas break. It was pretty obvious that the only two choices I had were “Downton Abbey” and “Scandal.” But not only were the “Scandal” fans a bit more passionate about it — dare I call them fanatical? — there were also way fewer episodes I’d have watch to catch up. So “Scandal” it was!!

netflix-and-huluABC didn’t make this easy for me. I was able to get the first two seasons on Netflix — no problem. I loved it, actually.  No commercial interruptions leaving me on pins and needles for minutes on end…And I could just jump from one episode to the next without having to wait a gut-wrenching week to get my next fix.

But then I joined Hulu Plus because they were giving a free week — but guess what?! They only had episodes 6-10 of Season 3. WTH?!?! So then I had to go to Amazon, pay $1.99 each for episodes 1-5, and then go back to Hulu to watch 6-10. I had to WORK, b****.

Anyway, here are my thoughts, in no particular order:

It seems to be a “thing,” but just because we watch “Scandal,” I don’t see where that gives us the right to call ourselves “gladiators.”

They must’ve hired a new makeup artist for season three because Abby and Quinn are suddenly rocking weaves and it looks like they were introduced to eyeliner for the first time in their lives.

Abby is negative. And you know it’s bad when I’m calling somebody out for being negative.

Quinn is beyond annoying. I think Huck should’ve finished her off.

Huck turns me on.

He may be Charlie now, but he’ll always be Julia’s son Payne from “Designing Women” to me.

And every time I look at Scott Foley, I want to scream at Jennifer Garner, “How could you let him get away????”

I may be in the minority, but I would rather see Olivia end up with Jake over Fitz.

And I hope to get through the rest of my life never having to see another woman chew through her own wrists.

By the way, why did I rush to catch up on this show when it doesn’t even come back until February 27??? Nevertheless, I’m happy to be here.