Kellie’s Blog: You snooze, you lose
Kellie’s Blog: You snooze, you lose

I have made a revolutionary discovery. It was a full-on Oprah “Aha!” Moment.

I always set my alarm with the best of intentions, but I must admit that I’m a slave to the snooze button. If I’m lucky enough not to accidentally hit OFF and wake up an hour and a half later in a complete panic, I’ll fumble around until I successfully hit SNOOZE. After the first snooze, I tell myself I still have plenty of time. After the second snooze, I win the debate over whether or not I still have enough time. I’ll just have to step up the pace a little. After the third snooze, I convince myself that because I didn’t exert myself physically or come close to breaking a sweat the day before, there’s no real NEED for a shower before work, so I’ll just hit it one more time. After the fourth snooze, I realize I’m in trouble, but come on….I can make it for one more snooze and still be okay. Can’t I? And that’s about the time the realization of what I’ve done kicks in, and with a “Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!” I jump out of bed, manage to scrub some toothpaste across my grill, throw on something acceptable and race out the door.

But today, I tried something different. I actually got up when the alarm went off at the unholy time of 2:40am. I thought about lying back down. I SERIOUSLY thought about it. But I decided to just give this getting up on time thing a try. And whoa. I mean, WHOA.

sleepI not only took my time in the shower, I snaked the clogged drain when I was done. Did you catch that? I said, I SNAKED MY OWN CLOGGED SHOWER DRAIN. That’s because after having a plumber to come to my house a couple of times and taking all of two minutes to fix the problem and then having to write a check while he tells me how bad he feels about charging me the minimum $140 just for driving out, I learned how to do it myself. I gag my way through it, but I do it! (And the plastic thing I bought to do it was only like $3! Just ask the guy at the hardware store to show you where that is. Holla!) Anyway, after that disgusting mess, I made my bed, fluffed and folded a load of clothes in the dryer, and emptied out the dishwasher. Of course, due to all that extra time to check off everything from my You-Don’t-Have-A-Honey-So-Do-It-Yourself list, I ended up racing out the door at a little late for work, but that’s beside the point! Getting up on time without hitting the snooze button rocks!

I’m gonna have to try that again sometime. I know myself well enough to know that I won’t go two-for-two on this one…