Matthew Hussey, author of “Get The Guy,” joins the show. He gives Kellie’s Radio Book Club some homework over Halloween weekend. Check it out below!

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Kellie’s Radio Book Club’s Weekend Assignments

  1. For each person that asks “How are you” this weekend, have a better quality answer.

    When someone asks you an obvious question like “How are you” you don’t need to respond with the normal “fine thanks, you?”. Instead, say something that relates to something interesting you just did:
    -“I’m great, I just had the best sandwich in the world!”
    -Or “I’m having a great day, it’s so sunny I’m thinking of going to the park later on with friends”
    -Giving these sorts of answers also gives him a license to give more information in his, which creates richer conversation.

  2. Compliment three guys, 2 have to be complete strangers

    Make these compliments specific
    – tell him he has amazing taste in shoes for a guy, or
    – tell him you love a certain scent he’s wearing.

  3. Morning ritual:
    Each morning this week, take 5 minutes to close your eyes and think of:
    – Two things you are grateful for in your life. One big thing and one small thing
    – One great quality you have to bring to a relationship

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