This contest has ended, but Trip a Day is a new chance to win! 

Is your paycheck just not cutting it?? Well…Kidd Kraddick in the Morning has a job for you that can DOUBLE it up to $2500!!


If you entered in the Spring, you’re already entered! Just listen for your name!

Official Rules
NOTE: Previous entrants of “Double Your Pay” or “Everybody Talks” in 2013 are already entered and by playing agree to be bound by the updated contest rules.

Q: I’m a student/homemaker and don’t make any money.
A: You can still win the minimum of $1000!

Q: Do I have to post to Facebook or Twitter to get my pay doubled?
A: No, we removed that component of the contest. We double everyone!

Q: I don’t remember if I signed up last time. Can you tell me?
A: Sign up again and if it says your email address is already in use, then you were already signed up and you’re still good to go!

Q: I signed up last time but my info changed, how do I update it?
A: We only use your email and phone number to verify you are the person we called (because some people have the same name). So updating your phone number isn’t necessary.

Q: I make a different amount each week because I’m a server/freelancer/etc. How much can I win?
A: On the entry form, please include the amount from your last weekly paycheck (or divide by 2 if you’re paid every other week). If you cannot prove your income amount, you can still win the minimum of $1000!

Q: Do I need to sign up every day?
A: You only can sign up once. If you sign up using multiple emails you will be disqualified.


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