We’re giving you some very UNIQUE Christmas gifts!

They are sure to make you laugh… You’ll have to listen each day.

Don’t miss our slightly twisted version of the KiddNation Christmas Tree. Because, why not?!

Today’s present under the KiddNation Christmas Tree is…

Big Al Mack Cuddle Pillow

Ladies… (and fellas)… Have you ever wanted to cuddle with Big Al Mack? Now that he’s engaged, maybe you thought it was out of the question. Well, not anymore, thanks to the limited edition KiddNation Big Al Mack Cuddle Pillow!

The outer polyester shell of the pillow will remind you of Big Al’s purple polyester suit. And it’s filled with plenty of stuffing, just like Big Al after a Mack Family Holiday Meal.

This pillow features a photo of Big Al Mack shrugging and saying, “Sure, Why Not?”

And while Big Al ONLY goes to his bar, the studio and his house… this pillow is small enough that you can take it anywhere!

Wash your Big Al Cuddle Pillow in warm bubble baths only. This pillow also claims to be made in Compton, but we doubt it.

Only ONE will ever be made. Plus, get the winner will get the a limited edition 2021 KiddNation Christmas ornament featuring Ana and Part-Time Justin.

Entry for this contest has ended.