Producer Nick presents a game called… Know Your Co-(worker)! How well do WE know the show? He asks us personal questions to see if we can answer.

Play along with us and answer the questions below:

  • Which Taylor Swift album does Ana have framed and hung on her living room wall?
  • What did the bullies take from J-Si on his first day of school in the US?
  • Who hid under the desk while Kellie ranted about her popcorn gift basket?
  • What 5 celebrity moms did Big Al have help him the one time he did the Showbiz Top 5?
  • What did Big Al come home with when he left to go shopping for a lamp?
  • What is Part-Time Justin’s full name?
  • What major kitchen appliance is PTJ missing in his apartment?
  • How many nipples does Trey have?
  • What was Ana’s major in college?
  • When Kellie was 13, she won a car. How did she win it?
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