So part of growing up is hurting yourself like a grown up right? I do recall my dad always hurting his back while I was growing up… I have actually been pretty lucky in that department, but I have started feeling a little pinch due to carrying Cason all the time. The good news is that I can put him down when I start feeling it.

So why did I spend my day on the couch with an ice pack on my back? Because lightning finally struck. Not for reals. I was going to clean my car out because my lease is up and I had to turn it in. So I was a “G” and backed the car up in my driveway and was planning to transfer all my crap into the garage. Simple enough, right? Problem is I’ve never opened my garage door in the 4 months of living there. The garage is tiny and has turned into a storage unit. So as I open the 1977 garage door, I use all my strength, since the door is so old. It’s pretty much impossible to do it gently. What I was not aware of is that the garage door did not have any sort of tool to stop it from flying off its tracks when it reached the top. I had some fragile things on the ground right there, so when I realized that the door was about to completely come off if I didnt stop it, I sprung into action. Plus, if it came off, there is no way I would be able to put it back on and I would have a wide open garage and would be inviting people to come steal stuff. Two panels ended up coming off the tracks before I managed to catch it.

Good news: I the garage door stayed in its tracks.

Bad news: It was heavy, and there was no way to put the two panels that had come off on the tracks.

Bad news 2: I hurt the crap out of my back. How? I have no idea. I guess you have to stretch before stopping a large garage door from crushing your valuables. I sat there, holding the door so that it would not come crashing down.

Meanwhile, Cason, who was laughing at first, now was crying. Kinsey was not home yet, and I was just trying to figure out what I should do. A guy walked by and started at me. Instead of helping, he said, “well, thats unfortunate.” Pretty nice of him huh? I sat there for about 5 minutes before I started saying, “can somebody help me?” in a feeble voice. There were two guys doing yard work, which was not helping because of all the noise. So there I am, holding this garage door, with my pants starting to fall down, and a crying baby. The guy mowing the yard across the street finally turned off his machine, and thats when he saw me. He asked if I needed help. I told him “no” because thats what guys do. Just kidding, I begged for him and his friend to help me. They did, and helped put the door back in the tracks. Then they helped me and Cason back into the house and hooked me up with an ice pack. They then robbed me blind. Ok, I am kidding, but I did wonder what I would do if it took a nasty turn like that. So I was thinking that I could buy those guys a gift card to a cool restaurant or make them a homemade “thank you” card. They would totally love that.