We asked you to post a picture or memory you have with Kellie and to hashtag it #KR20. Check them out and share more below!

Angel Griffin – When Kellie snapped at Big Al about the gourmet popcorn groupon. I couldn’t stop watching that clip!

Veida Dima – Kellie just did an interview for a magazine about being a mother and during the interview EK was throwing a tantrum. Kellie was talking about how embarrassed and frustrated she was. It was a genuine and raw moment every mother out there has and that story helped me remember that I’m not the only one who feels helpless with my kids.

Jason Williams – Flo’Rhonda’s rap about Uncle Daddy was the BEST!!! Kellie is my favorite!!

Ryan Lane – The best memory of @kellierasberry is when she burp 3 minutes after drinking Mimosa! #Daydrinker

Amanda Koenigseder – One of my favorite memories was EK’s first day of school. Kellie was mad because Kidd made her stay on mic the whole morning. She was so frustrated but trying to hide it to make it a good morning for EK. Freddy was mad. The school didn’t want her in there live on the radio. It was classic frazzled Kellie. We love you, Kellie, you’re the BEST!

Amanda Koenigseder – I don’t think anything could beat the chemistry of Kellie and Kidd. The way they would bicker and fight would always leave you laughing in the end.

Jeni Mason Valentine – When she got to hear the Emma Kelly song that Kidd wrote for her.

Maggie Gabriel – I absolutely loved her version of “my humps” she made it about her baby bump when she was pregnant with EK. I felt so connected to her as she was going through her infertility troubles because I too was suffering through it. Then she got pregnant sang that song on air and I said “one day I too will sing it” and I did few years after. Thanks for all these years Kelly know that you are loved and respected by a whole lotta folks!


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