Our boy Part-Time Justin is dressed as Cupid today, and he wrote love poems just especially for us!


“Kellie’s head is red and her bottoms are too
Allen said I thee wed and she said I do
A sandwich she gives her husband for food
And for some loven’ they use astroglide lube”

“Big Al,
Twinkle Twinkle my little pringle
You are so funny you make me tinkle
But if by chance you make a stinckle
We love you so, we’ll let it swingle.”

“Little miss Ana
Slipped on a banana
Falling head over peels
When along came Ryan
Who sat down beside her
And showed her how love feels”

“J-Si and Kinsey went up a hill to have some hanky panky
They sealed the deal and caught a feel
Now they have Cason and Chloe”

“There once was a Trey who lived in a shoe
When he met his wife Kara
He stopped using a three-in-one shampoo”





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