Matthew Hussey, author of “Get The Guy,” joins the show again. He gives Kellie’s Radio Book Club a new assignment for this weekend. Also, check out to get 5 compliments that will get the guy!

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Kellie’s Radio Book Club’s Weekend Assignment

  1. Be tactile:

    Touch is key to building attraction quickly, yet most of us don’t do nearly enough of it. A light flirtatious touch can make a guy feel closer to you, send shivers up his spine and give him the confidence to flirt back. The next time you’re in conversation with a guy you like and he makes you laugh, combine your laugh with a light and brief touch on his arm or stomach. You can do this a number of times when you are around him as long as the touch is brief and casual. Don’t try too hard with it.

  2. Make him vulnerable:

    We are used to having the same conversations over and over again: Where are you from? How was your week? What do you do? It’s boring, and it doesn’t desperate you from the pack to ask the same questions everyone else is, and then having to listen to his rehearsed answers. When you’re on a date with a guy this week ask him “Ok tell me something geeky about you that not everyone knows” This question is likely to take him off road and make him reveal things to you that he doesn’t usually say to other people. The result? You will have a deeper level of connection than anyone else would normally have on a date with him.

  3. LASTLY, for those who still need to be meeting guys in the first place:

  4. The coffee shop opener:

    Walk up to a stranger you find attractive and say “Excuse me, do you have a go to coffee shop around here that isn’t a starbucks?” You never know, you might even end up with an instant date.


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