J-Si’s Blog: Most Awkward Kiss in Bachelor History
J-Si’s Blog: Most Awkward Kiss in Bachelor History

I had a “surprise” guest at my house yesterday. Kinsey got off work, went to Target to pick some stuff up, and then came home with an extra person. I guess going to Target reminded Kinsey of Kellie Rasberry, because she came home with a bunch of groceries, and Emma Kelly. Yup, had my lil bff come over to play… except she was more interested in hanging out with Cason. But don’t worry, we did have some bonding time. Emma Kelly and I did P90X together. There were a couple of questions Emma Kelly asked that cracked me up… actually, they were not really questions, more like demands:

1. “Take your pants off.” That did not happen.

and the second one was a two parter that began with a question and then turned into a demand after the first request,

2. “Can you pick Kinsey up?” (Ten minutes later turned into) “PICK KINSEY UP!!!”

She also asked me why I was so sweaty. She also asked if the people on TV could see us. I told her they could, because I thought it would make her behave. It did not. Instead, it caused her to make faces at them for 15 minutes. I paused the video once and she asked me why they were not blinking. haha! I can’t wait until Cason is her age, because everything you say is the truth to them! I also told her that I can teleport, and that my arms are made of steel… and that my mom and dad are spiders.

You know why I really want Cason to be as old as Emma Kelly? Because if he is that old, he may actually sleep through the night… he still wakes up at 1am and 3:30-4am on the dot. We have tried everything possible the last couple of weeks… nothing seems to work. Rice cereal? Nope. Crying it out. Nope. Upped the milk during the day. Nope. Three solid meals during the day. Nope. Maybe he is just a growing boy who needs his early morning snack.

And can we talk about the most awkward kiss in Bachelorette/Bachelor history? Poor Doug. Not only did he have the most awkward kiss, he also had one of the most awkward limo rides I have seen in a long time. But hey, at least he tried.