Diet Day 1 is complete. and that is usually the hardest. Getting started on a diet is tough because it requires you to change your routine. My routine: go to the deli in the morning and get bacon, eggs, sometimes worse. My lunch routine, mexican food somewhere and possibly chips and salsa, maybe even some queso. probably a skinny margarita. sometimes I will substitute the mexican food with a cheeseburger and fries. dinner: this cool grill that i go to practically every evening. If I’m feeling good, I’ll stick with salmon and spinach. If I’m feeling like I deserve a “cheat meal”, i’ll get the burger with an egg on it. and this is not even including the French Fries that I steal off the plates of random employees or maybe even customers that I know pretty well. so yesterday, I got the ball rolling. No alcohol Monday was a must and I stuck to that just fine. and I even ate pretty well despite food being passed around in front of me. today, i’ll make a trip to the store to get some of the stuff that will sit in my fridge for a week and then I’ll throw it all away except for the food that I eat tonight. I’ll eat a little of it tonight and then, the rest will go to waste. but that doesn’t mean i’ll fail.Diet, Diet Diet. it seems like thats all I think about. every month or two, i’m trying to remotivate myself to diet and lose the 15-20 pounds that I just regained from the last, its frustrating. I think a 2-3 week diet can work because its not too terribly long and even after the first day, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The worst part about not drinking is being around people that are drinking. Yesterday, a group of regulars came in after a golf tournament. They were “feeling good” after a long day of drinking. the old saying is true: Sober people hate drunk people and drunk people hate sober people.

My sister is out of town for the entire summer. She is going to Germany for three weeks and then she will head to California for 6 weeks. She’s a school teacher so she has the entire summer off to hang out with her husband. Its up to me to step up a little and make sure my parents are taken care of. Ha, in fact, my mom called yesterday and she needs a screw to fix the mailbox and she also mentioned that something is wrong with the back door. So, I’ll grab my toolbox and head on over there today.