Needing Some Extra Love This Holiday Season
Needing Some Extra Love This Holiday Season

Wanda is a single mom of two young kids and it is an honor to show them all a little love this holiday season.

Plus… if you’d like to help, an account was started where you can donate. Visit for more information.

Read the letter below and hear from other deserving families HERE!

“I would like to nominate Wanda. She has a heart of gold, she’s an Air Force veteran, and she has a determined, no quit attitude.”

“Unfortunately, she’s been battling cancer for quite some time. She’s only 32 and a single mother with two young kids – son Carter and daughter Kasey Jo.”

“It’s been hard for her to keep a job and do all of her treatments and keep up with her kids’ extra curriculars so obviously money is very tight for her. Her kids are even making and selling bracelets. Anything to make ends meet whenever possible. She does and would do anything for her children and keeps a positive attitude and infectious smile even would it would seem impossible.”

“This gift at this time would mean the world to her and her kids. PS, please, PLEASE keep this anonymous. I just want her to know there’s people out there that care and pray for her.”


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