New Trend On Tinder
New Trend On Tinder

“The Selfie Queen,” Elena Davies, joined us in-studio to tell us about a new professional headshot trend on Tinder. If you can’t afford a pro, check out a few photo tips and listen below!

Tinder photo tips from a pro

  1. Be smiling and confident
    “You want to look as approachable as you can because you’re making that first impression.”
  2. Don’t wear a hat
    “You’re looking like you’re trying to hide something.”
  3. No selfies
    “It makes you look like you don’t have any friends.”
  4. Don’t over-Photoshop
    “You think people don’t notice, but they do. You can see when a girl clearly smooths out her face.”
  5. Avoid group photos
    “If there’s a ton of people in the photos, no one’s going to be able to pick you out.”
  6. For straight people: no pictures with the opposite sex
    “Don’t have another girl in the photo if you’re a guy. That is just not going to look that good.”

List credited to Max Schwartz.