Guess what I learned yesterday? I learned that my alarm system works, and that they will call me, but I did not have the proper permit from the police department to receive help. Sound weird? Sure does… especially when the alarm system company doesn’t let you know that you need this if some sort of emergency were to happen. I was actually headed home when this happened. I’m in the car, having a good time, singing some really appropriate music for children since Cason was in the car. I believe we were listening to a classic group by the name of NWA. Anyways, my phone rings, and appearing on my dirty iPhone screen (its dirty because Cason got a hold of my phone and drooled all over it) is an 800 number.

I normally don’t answer these numbers because 80% of the time, its a bill collector every time. For reals! But, when I am bored, I tend to answer them and mess with them, because they do tend to be pushy and talk down to you. This time it was not a bill collector, apparently my alarm was going off and they were checking on me. The gentleman said, “we detect that there is a broken window in your front bedroom, and your alarm is going off… do require any assistance?” I said, “I am not home, and the window should not be broken, but yes, someone should go check on our house.” The man said he would have a police cruiser go check on the house.

I ended up making it home in about 5 minutes, and there was no cop there. So I did a quick check of my house holding a tree branch I found outside. So Cason is in his car seat, making weird boy noises that he learned last week (don’t worry, the AC was still in full effect in the car). I am peaking around the house, and quickly realize that there is no broken glass. False alarm. So I try to call back to tell them to not send a cop out. After holding for 10 minutes, I get someone on the phone and let them know that it was a false alarm. The lady says, “oh, nobody was dispatched because you didn’t get your permit from the police department.” Really? So if something were happening to me or my family, nobody would have shown up? Yup. Scary, huh? So a simple call got us all set up… and I saved money because it would have cost us some cash to get the police out there on a false alarm. And why did it go off? Because Delilah’s high pitch bark is so terrible, it caused the alarm system to think it was broken glass. This may turn into a problem now that the police will actually show up when the alarm goes off. Anyone want a dog, who doesn’t listen, pees on the floor, and can potentially make you deaf? Holler at me… I’ll cut ya a deal. 🙂