Guess who was supposed to go to a super awesome country concert this weekend?! This guy! Guess who did not get to go? This guy. Turns out we did not have the right amount of tickets, and Kinsey had already asked her sister to go… so I was the one who stepped aside. Here’s the thang, we had already hired a babysitter, and I think it is rude of people to ask someone to clear their day, and then tell them last second that they will not be needed. Plus, we got Kellie’s new nanny, Mary, to come watch Cason, so we decided to have her come watch him anyway. Kinsey would go to the concert, and I would go hang out with bad influence Paul for a couple of hours. Kinsey told Mary that we would be home by 11pm. This was before I was taken off the going to the concert roster. I was a lil skeptical about that time, because I don’t think I have ever been home before midnight from a concert. So, guess who got home at 11? This guy! I actually came home at 10:30. Gone are the days where I would come home 3 hours late. Kinsey was actually the one who came home 3 hours late this time. Why? Because the group that she went with ended up backstage! Cool, huh?! Problem is, everyone in that group ended up backstage… except Kinsey and her sister. They ended up waiting for the rest of the group by the car for about an hour and a half. If you know Kinsey (or any other woman), you know that she was a bag of joy when she got home. haha. I did tell her to look at the bright side of things… she was so close that she was able to get Tim McGraw’s autograph… on her boot. Don’t worry, she’s not that flexible, but apparently he was walking around the stage signing stuff, during a song, and she decided to take her boot off, and throw it at him… it worked. You know what they say, it’s not a country concert until someone takes a boot off and throws it on stage. Kinsey was so excited… but it seriously looks like Tim McGraw just scribbled some nonsense on the boot. Pretty sure that keeping it neat is not one of his priorities when he is singing and trying to put on a show.

What did I do for those 3 hours without Kinsey? Oh nothing… just enjoyed the free HBO that we got for the weekend and watched bridesmaids twice in a row. I would have slept, but I was waiting for her to come home because she had a couple drinks and thats when married guys try to take advantage of situations. The amount of waiting she did after the show definitely ended my chances. A night is not complete without women doing some diarrhea humor… twice.

In awesome news: My baseball player buddy’s team is in town this week! Well, at least half the week, so that means I get to attend my first baseball game of the season. Also, it’s my 10 year anniversary with Kinsey on Wednesday… but I tried to tell her that we are supposed to start all over and only count the marriage anniversary. So my gift to Kinsey will be a ticket to the game. I will even buy her a hot dog and a small soda. I’m fancy like that.