How is everyone’s eating habits? It’s day 3 of the food diary… and Kellie, Jenna, Big Al and J-Si agreed to keep track of everything they eat. So, who’s food diary is most like yours?

Wednesday 3/27

Coffee with 2 Sweet ‘N Lows and non-dairy creamer
6-pack of cheese and peanut butter crackers
Coffee with 2 Sweet ‘N Lows and non-dairy creamer
Coffee with 2 Sweet ‘N Lows and non-dairy creamer
A bucket of almonds — curse you, Big Al!
3 asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
A grilled cheese sandwich with crumbled bacon, tomato, basil pesto and – apparently – an entire stick of butter
Iced tea
Handful of frozen grapes
Handful of goldfish crackers
Pepperoni stick
Half an English muffin with cheese
Diet Pepsi


Wednesday 3/27
Optimum-Slim Vanilla cereal with almond milk (1.5 bowls)
bowl of blueberries, pineapple and strawberries
2 iso-pure protein shakes with almond milk
almond milk vanilla yogurt with tsp peanut butter
Whole Foods tuna salad/5 saltines
cheeseless bean burrito from TB



Wednesday 3/27
almonds in the morning
preworkout: 3 spoons of banana pudding
dinner: salmon and green beans and spinach mix
3 more spoons of pudding!



Wednesday 3/27

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