Overachieving Programs
Overachieving Programs

Today’s overachieving teacher is Taylor Swoopes and she is planning on using the money to build a “news set” for her class! Read what she wrote below.

“My name is Taylor Swoopes. I teach A/V Production and Sports Broadcast. I oversee two programs. One produces a weekly news show and the other produces a live show during football games to our stadium Jumbotron.

The news program has committed and talented students that have been producing shows with outdated cameras and broken lenses. They do not have a “news set” to help film their show and have to get creative with a backdrop. Our shop class is helping us to build a set but we still need to buy a couple of new cameras. The $500 would help us be able to do so!”

Deserving teachers could win $500 for their class HERE!

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