Q. Do I have to sign up again now that you can win Double the amount of your bill?
A. Nope! You’re still registered! Just listen for your name and call in fast!

Q. What if my cable and internet bill are bundled?
A. Just select one of them from the dropdown menu. You can still put the total amount as one bill!

Q. Me and my spouse have 2 cars, can we combine both bills?
A. If your payment comes on 1 bill, then yes. If they are separate, then you can submit them as 2 different bills.

Q. What if all the bills are in my spouse, roommate or parent’s name?
A. That’s fine as long as you can prove you live at the address listed on the bills.

Q. I don’t have 4 bills, can I enter?
A. Sorry, but you have to have 4 bills. We found that almost everyone has 4.

Q. Can I submit a different bill… like student loans or credit card?
A. Sorry, you have to pick from the bills listed.

Q. I didn’t pay my bill last month, so my current bill is twice as much, should I put the total amount?
A. Yes! We could pay it all off. It should be the most recent bill however.

Q. How do I upload or fax you my bills?
A. We will only need to verify the actual bill amount if you win. You can just type in the amount of the bill to enter.

Q. I tried to call in, but I couldn’t get through!
A. Sorry, but the first of the three names that we call is the only one who gets to play.

Q. If my name was called but I missed it, could my name still be drawn again?
A. Yes, only people that have won a prize won’t be eligible to be drawn again.

Q. Do you pay my bill directly? So I shouldn’t pay it this month?
A. No. We’ll send you a check for the amount. It can take up to two weeks. We don’t actually pay the biller. Be sure to pay your bills on time. We aren’t responsible for your late fees, etc.

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