Tell us what you want to play… Check out the options and vote for your favorite contest below!

We’ll read 3 “Tidbit News” type of stories. But one is a FAKE (completely made up by us).

Call in and guess which one is the fake. First person to guess the fake wins big money!

It’s like Deal or No Deal, but with cheap to very expensive shoes! 5 boxes to pick from. Shoes from $5 – $1000.

Be the correct caller each day and play!

14 popular gift cards ranging from $100 to $2000. Be the correct caller and have a cast member spin the Wheel of Gift Cards for you.

We reveal what company the gift card is from, but not the amount. You have to decide to keep it and open to see the value or you can spin again and get stuck with whatever comes up…

Be the correct caller and answer up to 10 EASY trivia questions.

Win $100 for each correct answer. Your turn ends as soon as you get one wrong, but you keep all of the money earned. If you don’t get them all, 1 more listener will get a chance to complete the questions (could be 1 question left or all 10).

You probably remember this from the Fall!

We load up the phone lines. There’s a predetermined cash prize from $500 – $1500. Listeners guess the amount. We’ll tell you HIGHER or LOWER… so listen carefully. First one to guess it EXACTLY will win it!

Be the right caller and automatically win $500 and select a cast member to partner with. Together you’ll answer up to 5 trivia questions.

After hearing the question, you and your partner will have 10 seconds to decide who will answer each question (without discussing the answer).

Each correct answer is worth $100. A wrong answer will be worth $0 and end the game. Get all 5 and win a total of $1000!

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