Producer Nick surprised everyone with this new game… How well do WE know the show? He asks us personal questions to see if we can answer. Plus, Big Al’s “friend” makes an appearance.

Play along with us and answer the questions below:

  • Which Honey number did Big Al propose to?
  • What college did J-Si go to?
  • What city was Kellie born in?
  • Where was the very first Family Vacation?
  • Where did Producer Trey meet his wife?
  • Don the Engineer played what dangerous sport in his 20s?
  • In April 2009, we were the very first nationally syndicated radio show to do what?
  • What organization did Part-Time Justin quit his Freshman year in college?
  • Name one of Caroline Kraddick’s songs she wrote for Kidd’s Kids?
  • What did Producer Nick run for in college but lost?




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